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File: 1585324655090.png–(26.07KB, 1407x546, foger.png)
No.1 Stickied Locked  [Reply]
no dicky picky or shock porn
nothing illegal under US law
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¨ No.243
it dose it also has a i2p link but i cant find it
¨ No.247
new address the old one got hacked
¨ No.253
threads are now lockable yay

File: 1600153977165.jpg–(53.05KB, 612x421, 7nAVxl4.jpg)
No.270  [Reply]
What happened to the paperboard.ddns.net domain?
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¨ No.277
Shit everything is slow now what's happening
¨ No.278
Loads fast for me. Welcome back.
¨ No.279
When i run the update script its taking forever but the board its self is fine

Embed: A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot–(YouTube)
No.269  [Reply]
testing some stuff after updating the image board script via git pull
¨ No.274
"video unavailable"
¨ No.275
Must have been taken down for copyright already
¨ No.276
Himm it works when you Visit the site using the overnet link that i just fixed yesterday

File: 1587746940721.jpg–(16.89KB, 474x361, OIP.jpg)
No.169  [Reply]
im thinking about running a IRC server for PaperChan what do you guys think should i or no and if so would
you use it
¨ No.242
don't do it! just run a channel instead
¨ No.266
join bnet?
¨ No.268
how about no

File: 1598276829880.jpg–(174.02KB, 843x1080, NTUSBFBA8CI.jpg)
No.267 Locked  [Reply]
Free FemDom Pin Board https://femdompin.com/

File: 1585544682974.png–(287.91KB, 1366x768, Screenshot from 2020-03-15 23-23-23.png)
No.31  [Reply]

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¨ No.217
hey im using firefox if it makes you feel any better
¨ No.224
Firefox isn't much better than Google Chrome. They don't appear to truly care about the end users privacy. Their DoH feature that they brought out a while ago uses Cloudflare servers by default. They also removed the ability to disable javascript via the GUI many versions ago. Now you can't even disable it in about:config and are forced to use addons to disable it.

Anything is better than Google Chrome but there are far better alternatives to Firefox. Try Lynx instead. It's text based but far more private and secure due to its simplicity.
¨ No.264
GNU IceCat has an in-built feature that allows the user to disable javascript. I've never seen another browser with that feature before. It's also built on the principles of free-and-open-source software.

File: 1596809716336.png–(15.52KB, 160x160, 2afavicon.png)
No.257  [Reply]
Big list of imageboards easily sortable


¨ No.258
Not bad that's a pretty nice list you got there
¨ No.263
Why is this being posted on every fucking imageboard?

File: 1597315178273.png–(62.77KB, 469x469, 1.png)
No.261  [Reply]
Greetings from the Nichan, my foreign friends!
We have our own Pixelspace (http://pixel.nichan.net/) and demotivator generator (https://nichan.net/demotivator/).
Welcome to our /int/:
¨ No.262
very interesting

File: 1596751269201.png–(13.35KB, 111x151, illustration.png)
No.255 Locked  [Reply]

https://godsofadult.com/ best adult sites and free gallery

File: 1592566546021.jpg–(7.37KB, 184x184, bb8.jpg)
No.218  [Reply]

What do ya think?

Personally I like that theres no shitty google captcha and TOR support. :)
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¨ No.220
theres captchas what are you on about
also shitty ui everything looks like instagram
¨ No.223
the UI is the best thing about sminem. it looks completely different from any other imageboard I've ever seen. it doesn't look flashy but it doesn't need to. the only people who would complain about it are zoomers who didn't use the internet before around 2007.
¨ No.254

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